Svadha is a social business and the only global player integrating the entire sanitation value chain. We establish an army of entrepreneurs to provide access to quality, affordable and sustainable sanitation solutions.

Building a
Robust Sector
Ecosystem Creation
  • Supply chain and logistics operations
  • Innovation team for cutting-edge products, services and processes
  • Sanitation engagement and data analytics
  • ICT integration
  • Strategic partnerships to scale and create collective impact
Entrepreneur Development
  • One-stop solution for access to affordable, high quality products
  • Free Doorstep Delivery
  • Business consulting and training services for efficiency, growth, and quality
  • Demand creation support
Solutions for Consumers
  • One-stop solution for access to affordable, high quality products
  • Customized product and service solutions
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Local point of contact for sustained support


We create customized solutions for households.

Rural consumers do not want cheap sanitation products. They want affordable solutions. This is why our Sanitation Engagement & Analytics and Innovation teams conduct market research and use design thinking to create product and service solutions. Solutions are adapted to the different budgets and evolved to meet different needs and aspirations such as comfort, privacy, social status, cleanliness, and good health.

We establish local entrepreneurs who provide sanitation solutions in one-stop shops.

Without Svadha, rural customers face a disorganized sanitation market and must visit several stores to find all their toilet components. The products they do find often have poor quality and little variety. We establish entrepreneurs who provide customers with easy access to a variety of quality, affordable sanitation products - all in one stop.

We negotiate directly with manufacturers for procurement of affordable, quality supplies.

Traditionally, local sanitation shops have a limited variety of sanitation materials and face higher prices from dealing with a matrix of dealers and distributers. Rural customers bare these higher costs and face being fooled by many counterfeit sanitation products of poor-quality. We negotiate directly with manufacturers to secure a greater variety of authentic and quality materials and more affordable pricing.

We package and dispatch orders quickly and efficiently.

We establish local depos to more quickly and efficiently respond to our entrepreneurs’ orders and to further extend our reach to more households. Our depos include a variety of brands, some of which are difficult to find in the rural market despite being in high demand.

We provide free doorstep delivery to Entrepreneurs to eliminate the 'last-mile penalty'.

We uniquely provide free delivery to entrepreneurs - disrupting the sanitation market and eliminating the 'last-mile penalty' in which more remote shops would face greater burden from higher delivery charges. Entrepreneurs can also make more manageable orders and keep more working capital on hand, rather than having to make one large, burdensome order due to delivery charges.

We provide entrepreneurs holistic support to grow their livelihoods and improve local access of products.

We help our entrepreneurs grow through free business development hand-holding services and marketing and consumer awareness support. We have also developed and provide premium Sanitation Ecosystem Services, a customizable suite of business consulting and training options to build the capacity of sanitation entrepreneurs at all stages of their sanitation business – from beginner to advanced.

We work to ensure sustainability of sanitation access.

In order to sustain sanitation access, we carefully select entrepreneurs who are capable and willing to provide continued support for their own communities. After toilet sales, households still have access to our entrepreneurs for maintenance support and toilet upgradation options like Svadha Green.